Hartcliffe Health and Environment Action Group (HHEAG) was established in 1990, by residents of Hartcliffe and Withywood with the aim of supporting local people to improve their health, well being and the quality of life in the area.

We are still here today, led by a committee of local people and our aims remain the same. Moreover, we now offer an expanded, integrated service for residents of the whole Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership (DVNP).

Our services offer support to develop healthy and sustainable lifestyles by increasing skills and understanding, fulfilling these core aims:

  • A comprehensive programme of food-based activities from “Plot to Plate”
  • Structured support for adults to reduce mental and emotional stress in their lives
  • Providing access and support for local residents to engage in health promoting physical activities.
  • A “Stop Smoking” service

All of our work is rooted in Community Development and we try to link our areas of work to offer a holistic programme of support and activities for the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is for local people to receive the same opportunity as all other communities to live healthy and fulfilled lives connected to, and caring for, their environment.

Our mission

Our mission is to: Provide opportunities and support for people in South Bristol to engage in a range of health related and environmental projects, which contribute to healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Our Values

In all our work we value:

  • Actions to redress health and social inequalities
  • An integrated approach to health, wellbeing and environment
  • Everyone’s right to access fair priced healthy food
  • An environmentally sustainable approach
  • Commitment to ongoing sustainable regeneration
  • A Community Development approach in all our work
  • A Commitment to Equalities